About us

Company overview

Everyone has a goal or dream that is important to them. We usually set goals every week, month or year. It might be to lose weight, save money, or travel. Your goals can’t become reality, unless you have a plan to achieve them.  You’ll also need someone to keep you accountable and stay on track.

We help our clients plan and answer 2 fundamental financial questions:

  • How much money do I need to retire?
  • When can I do it?

Our wealth management service is suited for medium to high-net-worth individuals (and families) investing $800,000 + via superannuation, home equity, family trusts and/or managed portfolios and inclusive of driven individuals aspiring to this level.

Take the guess work out of a home loan approval. We love to meet with anyone wanting a home loan, whether it’s a first home buyer or property tycoon adding a 39th property to their empire. No one person is the same and not all scenarios are either. Why not leverage our experience and expertise and access more than 40 lenders to get the job done right the first time. We negotiate better deals on your behalf through our business partners and match our clients with a lender that best meets their unique requirements and position.

Our vision is to become “ The home of financial expertise for accomplished individuals in Canberra”

Competitive Advantage

Wouldn’t it be nice to see an adviser who is not being controlled or influenced to sell a particular product? At Nest Advisory – you can.

We are self-licensed, which means we don’t have any of our products to sell and we don’t have anyone in the background forcing us to sell other investments either. What we recommend to our clients is because we think it’s best for you, not us or the faceless man.

It’s no secret mortgage brokers get paid a commission to write home loans, and financial advisers get paid to invest client funds in things like shares. You must wonder if that adviser or broker is recommending that investment because it’s best for you and meets your goals or if it’s just what they get paid for – we’ve all seen the Instagram ads.

Being brokers and wealth managers, we have no conflict in recommending property or shares to our clients. We recommend what is best for your goals and objectives.

Special Price offering

It’s simple. Our preferred clients like to do mortgage broking and wealth management (investments) with us. This is why we take 10% all advice fees (upfront and ongoing) when someone hires us as an investment manager and home loan broker.

Meet the team

Nick Lucey
Director / Wealth Manager / Home Loan Specialist

Nick graduated from the University of Canberra in 2011 with a Bachelor of Applied Economics and Major in Financial Planning. Since then, he has endeavored to build on his qualifications by obtaining a Certificate 4 in Finance and Mortgage Broking, Self-managed Super Fund adviser and Accredited Derivatives Advisor.

Nick is passionate about using his in depth and broad knowledge in financial planning to find solutions to help all different types of people achieve their financial goals and freedom.

In his spare time, Nick plays basketball, follows the MotoGp and NRL. He enjoys spending time with family, which includes two furry, four legged kids.

Troy Dawe
Wealth Manager / Home Loan Specialist
Troy joined the finance industry in 2018 after completing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Canberra.  He majored in financial planning and since then had improved his qualifications by completing his diploma in mortgage broking and financial services.  Troy’s background is in management and since becoming a financial planner he has been able to utilise these skills in his current role.

Troy is passionate about his new career as he loves to help people get ahead with their finances, by using his qualifications and skills.  He helps people who are just starting to build their wealth for their future or people who are close to retirement. It does not mater the age or situation of the client he always gives his 100%.

In his spare time Troy like to spend time with his family, especially his young son.  He has just started enjoying mountain biking and hopes this will be a long-term hobby.  He follows the NRL and likes a spot of fishing.

Sonday (Sean) De Leon
Client Support Officer / Loans Processing

Sean completed a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in 2011. Since then, he has gained experience in the finance industry providing advice and service in the areas of book keeping and accounting, processing loan applications and pushing the application to settlement, support customers with general enquiries and liaising with key stakeholders.

Sean joined the team at Nest Advisory in April 2020 as the corona virus was spreading throughout the globe. He is keen to develop his skills by branching out to financial advice while bringing a huge amount of knowledge and experience to the team by supporting the mortgage business at Nest and our clients.

In his spare time, Sean enjoys getting away to the beach and spending time with his family. He is a keen basketball player and loves the NBA.

Rolando Junio
Client services manager

Rolando, who also goes by the name of June, joined the esteemed Nest Advisory Team in August of 2021, assuming the role of client support manager. He eagerly sought to align himself with a thriving organization where he could utilize his skills and add value to a flourishing team and client base. Rolando is responsible for liaising with clients, responding to general inquiries, and offering support to existing clients, particularly in relation to insurance, super, or investment applications.

Rolando brings an impressive set of skills and qualifications to the table, having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with supplementary accounting units, as well as a Diploma in Professional Education. Additionally, he passed the Licensure Exam for Professional Teachers in 2018. Throughout his career, Rolando has amassed extensive experience in Insurance, Banking, Sales, Retention, Quality Assurance, Technical Support, and Customer Service while working with other financial planning firms.

When not pursuing his professional aspirations, Rolando indulges in his passion for travel and exploration, aiming to visit a new and unique locale every month. He has a wealth of travel experience, having even secured a teaching job in China while vacationing as a tourist. Furthermore, he is an avid dog enthusiast and cherishes every moment spent walking and cuddling his furry companions.

Sukumar Mishra
Financial Planner – Professional Year / Mortgage Broker

Sukumar is an Advise Associate at Nest Advisory, where he leverages his Bachelor’s of Commerce (Finance), Master’s of Accounting and overall expertise to assist clients in achieving their financial objectives.

He places a high priority on providing clients with the best possible advice, which is why he keeps himself up-to-date with industry trends and attends professional development programs regularly. He is deeply committed to expanding his knowledge and refining his skills to ensure that he can better serve clients. Sukumar takes immense pride in his work and strives to establish strong relationships with his clients to gain a deep understanding of their individual needs and circumstances. This enables him to provide personalized advice that empowers clients to make informed decisions about their finances.

Apart from work, Sukumar has a passion for swimming, trekking, and cooking. He finds swimming to be an invigorating and refreshing form of exercise, while trekking provides him with a relaxing escape to enjoy nature. Cooking is another hobby that Sukumar enjoys, as it allows him to experiment with new ingredients and create delicious and creative dishes.

Jean Fiecas
Financial Planning Assistant

Jean has been working in the banking and insurance industry for eight years. Her primary expertise lies in maintaining client relationships and providing financial planning and wealth management services to clients. She is passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and making a positive impact on their lives.

She recently joined Nest Advisory as an Assistant Financial Planner in April 2021. In her current role, she works closely with advisers in preparing advice for clients’ financial and insurance goals. This includes conducting research and strategies, preparing financial plans, and assisting with plan implementation.

Throughout her career, she has gained valuable experience in the banking and insurance industry, which has helped her develop strong skills in financial planning, critical thinking, relationship management, and customer service. She is dedicated to continuing her professional development to provide the best possible service to our clients.

In her spare time, Jean enjoys spending time with her family. She also loves to keep active by walking and doing jump rope as a form of exercise. Additionally, she loves visiting the beach and free diving.